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  • Fun Fact 1: It takes 2.4 pounds of grapes to make one bottle of wine

  • Fun Fact 2: Vatican City has the highest per capita wine consumption, at 18.5 gallons annually.

  • Fun Fact 3: Drinking wine regularly can improve your sex drive!

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About us

Wine drinking needs to be easy, fun, and tasty. CORKO Wine’s team sits around all day, perfecting wine accessories (tough life). Wine on the beach, wine in the mountains, wine on your couch…we understand that life is better with great wine, so we made it our work to make wine drinking awesome. And of course, one of our favorite activities while drinking is coming up with great wine puns!

1 – We tend to make pour decisions

2- Sip Sip HOORAY!

3- Everything happens for a Riesling


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